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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Exporter of Recycle Plastic like Hips, Abs Repro Pellets, Used Nylon Fish Nets Multi & Mono, Nylon Regind, Nylon Gf, Pc Cd Scrap,PP Recycle Pellets , Pc Water Bottle, Pc Feeder Bottle, Pc Meter , Pc Regrind,Pet Flakes & other products items, we are based in Pakistan. We are always expanding our market and improving our work process to meet the highest customer satisfaction with our company and Orient Associates has been adding new products each year and export plastic product to worldwide. Orient Associates always service in accordance with the principles of customer satisfaction because our company main policy that always speak truth and real pictures shown to our buyer and no compromise with quality that the reason a company constantly growing and increasing its international and local trade. Orient Associates is the well Known Exporter of Plastic Scrap and Plastic Recycle Materials From Pakistan since 2000 and Our Core Products are Nylon Regrind, Nylon Glass Fiber,Used Nylon Fish Net, PC Water Bottle Blue tint, PC CD Metalized, PC Baby Feeder,PC Electric Meter, PC Mix Color Tint, PET Flakes,PP Scrap,Hips Recycle Granules, ABS Recycle Granules & Regrind . We supply post industrial and post consumer material to domestic market as well ship/export to China, Hong Kong,Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia Singapore and Europe  monthly. We have our own yard covered area 10,000-Sq Ft and having crusher and Washing Plant that daily production is 5-Metric Tones.